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BareFuzz is a psychedelic rock fusion band from Columbus, Ohio. They seek to blend a wide array of genres and musical influences into their energetic and fun live jams. Each time BareFuzz steps onto the stage, their goal is to create a completely organic and unique musical experience for everyone. Smooth grooves, seamless transitions, and a heavy dose of improvisation can all be expected, along with so much more.

Since their first performance in October of 2016, they’ve quickly grown in the local Columbus music scene and show no signs of stopping.

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Summertime Funk

BareFuzz playing at the 2018 Columbus Comfest at the Gazebo Stage.

Halloween Weirdness

BareFuzz recorded live at the 2018 Halloweird Held at Woodlands Tavern.

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Upcoming Events

BareFuzz loves to keep the music alive for as long as possible! This requires extensive touring, which you can keep up-to-date with right here.